Hi, I'm Tanya Page! 

I teach coaches, healers & spiritual entrepreneurs just like you, the concepts behind Energy Consciousness and how it affects your marketing and business as an entrepreneur. 


Let yourself be honest for a minute. You’re an Entrepreneur for a reason.

You have a purpose and a gift, and you are meant to share that with the world.

But you also know the way you do business is changing, or that is has to change.

Everything around you is changing. You’re no longer in just the 3D world, but you’re also in the 5D part of yourself, the Higher part of your Self, and you have been experiencing energetic shifts, changes and transmutations for some time now.

Maybe you’re just starting to experience what this next phase of your Self has to offer, or maybe you’ve been guided for a while now, but either way there are changes occurring, not only in your purpose and your Self, but also in the way you see your business expanding and growing.

But you’re also experiencing some difficulties.

You’re finding it hard to attract clients into your business or you’re unsure of what you really offer and do anymore.

You feel like sometimes people just don’t “get” you, or the service you’re providing.

You feel like you have to always explain in depth the intricacies of all your gifts and how you do your work.

And It’s exhausting you.

You came into this world to be a healer, or to share your service based business, but some days it feels so freaking difficult.

You know how valuable you are, and you know how much people need what you offer, but you’re struggling to convey this to your audience, or the clients you want to be filling up your calendar.

Or maybe you have no idea who your ideal clients even are anymore or how to speak to them so they’ll buy from you.

Trust me, I get you, figuring out all of these moving parts feels overwhelming at times.

And it sometimes feels like nothing you do works.

You know you've been working really hard, following all the so-called steps you’re supposed to take, but you’re hearing crickets and don't know how to engage with the right audience for your services. 

Please trust me and listen when I say this...

Absolutely nothing is wrong with you.

But as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, you have a unique set of problems.

You’re operating both Energetically in 5D (or you’re close to getting there) but you’re also occupying a physical body in the 3D realm, and dealing with all the problems or struggles that come from being in both.

Sometimes it feels like you’re caught between these two worlds and you haven’t yet learned how to market your unique business to attract the right clients, or you don’t know how to build a foundation of repeatable steps to create consistent prospects, clients and income - that addresses both the 3D and 5D parts of yourself. 

This is where I meet you.

Regular business courses, programs and mentors are great, but they don’t and can’t understand the complexity of working Energetically in the capacity that you do.

You need to have both the energetic support and the business support as you


That's why I've created a program just for you! 


Shift Your Energy is a 4-month coaching experience for coaches, healers & spiritual entrepreneurs who want to learn how to use Energy Consciousness to their advantage:

  • In attracting consistent prospects, leads and clients

  • Creating business systems & foundations that are based on and work with their Energy

  • Establishing them as leaders and authority figures in their niche markets

  • Generating consistent income in their businesses

By factoring in Energy Consciousness into your new paradigm where marketing and business meet with the role that Energy plays in this Universe, you learn how to manipulate Energy to your advantage, and create, manifest and achieve what you truly desire. 

You are no longer living in just a 3D world, where your focus must be on making money the "hard" way. You have now entered into your 5D reality, and as such, can now manipulate both dimensions to carry out the life's work you came here to do (aka your Purpose) while also doing this in a way that creates abundance and a state of wealth consciousness in your life.  


Sound like you? Schedule your Free Energy Assessment today


This Experience Is For You If:

You already have basic knowledge of Energy, your Chakra System, The Law of Attraction, 3D vs. 5D Paradigms, etc. (if you're not familiar with all of these, that's ok - but a basic understanding of what Energy is, is absolutely necessary for our work together). 

You are a spiritually gifted individual, ie., you are clairvoyant, claircognizant, clairsentient, clairaudible, you are a medium or an empath. Or you have a combination of these gifts. Whether you know how to use and hone your gifts is less important, I can and will teach you exactly how you can heighten your abilities, and will show you exactly how your own unique gifts work so that you can do your greatest work possible. 

You are currently a coach, healer or have a spiritual service based business.

You have (or want to start) a service based online business. 

You are driven, determined, have a stable work ethic, and are committed to doing all of the work necessary to reach a new, higher level and version of yourself and your business. 

You realize that this program is not a quick fix solution, and that with time, energy and investments into yourself you can and will create the business you desire. 


How to approach Business in the New Energy Consciousness that is currently unfolding? 

How Universal Energy affects business. 

How the changing energies affect our relationship to business - especially to strategies & money!

Step 1: Cultivating the mindset that you're a Divine Limitless Being

I teach the relationship between energy, business and your Self. 

How to speak to clients so they "get you". 

Why you SHOULD be speaking differently to your ideal clients, and how you can do that immediately. 

Currently, you're not talking to them in a way that hits them enough to want to PAY YOU to solve their problems. It's not that they don't value your work. It's that they don't know exactly what you offer and why it solves all of their problems. 


Awaken and reconnect your energy to your True Self.

Facilitate weekly healing sessions.

Teach you how to heal yourself and others.

Hold space for you each week to facilitate in your own Divine Healing process.

On top of that, as a Spiritual Entrepreneur we will work together on creating a dynamic plan for marketing your business to the ideal audience and target market for you, build a solid and repeatable system for you to attract clients consistently into your business, and work on your sales skills and money mindset so that you are comfortable charging more for your services, and are able to close sales easily.

As a Spiritual Entrepreneur, you need both the business foundation and the energetic support to help you move through this time and create a profitable business, but also to be Energetically aligned in the way you do so.

For you, you cannot have one and not the other.

I’m sure you’ve tried in the past to focus on one aspect - either the energetic side or the business side, and found that it did not work. Your business wasn’t successful during that time.

It is because you need a cohesive approach to and with both aspects so that you can bring both of of these sides of your Self into your business.


Believe me, I’ve tried.

If you’re ready to discuss how this process would work for you and your business, please schedule a Free Consultation by clicking on the button below.

Grace & Peace



What's Included In This 4 Month Engagement:

Weekly Energy Assessments & Healing Sessions when needed. All Energy work is performed via distance. Each and every week, I check in with your Energy and make sure you are performing and healing at your fullest capacity possible - as it is essential for the work that you are to do in this world. I also assist you in Ascending your Energy further, and quicker in this lifetime by teaching and guiding you on specific life purpose contracts you have in this lifetime.  

12 x 60 Minute Coaching Sessions via Phone or Skype

Unlimited Email and Messenger Access

Recommended Resources - Books, Audiobooks, Guided Meditations, Workbooks and Worksheets as necessary


This Experience Will Help You Finally Master...

Client Love:

Investment: $5000

(All Prices in USD; Payment Plans Available)

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