Universal Energy Forecast for the Year 2018


Tuning into the Universal Energy for the new year of 2018, I see a lot of changes happening in the workforce for this upcoming year.

Immediately when I tuned in to read our Universal energies I saw the word, “Turmoil”.

But this isn’t a bad thing at all.

I also saw a lot of arrows, some pointed up and some pointed down, showing me quite literally the “ups and downs” that we will be experiencing.

These ups and downs will bring a sense of chaos.  But in a good way.

There are many changes happening for a lot of people this year. Especially career wise.

2018, will heavily focus on career shifts.

A lot of people will be finding new jobs, starting new positions and switching careers.

The images I’m receiving for this look like a lot of people rushing around – I can feel the pace of the year, and the speed that we’re going this year, and it’s focusing and emphasizing on the “getting things done” part of being productive.

Even with all of this movement going on for the upcoming year, I feel that there is a sense of true accomplishment and satisfaction within people, instead of a feeling of overwhelming busyness.    

It will be a very busy and productive year and a lot of people who have felt unsettled or underappreciated will come into their own this year.

If you have been unhappy in your career for a while now, or just not making as much money as you want to be, this is your year to take action.

And this applies to anyone and everyone, whether you're self-employed or work in a regular 9-5 career.

I also see a lot more women coming into the workforce this year.


If you are a lightworker, 2018 is really your year to stop playing small.

What does “playing small” mean?

Playing small means when we consciously decide not to take action, or put ourselves out there, for fear that we aren't good enough, or that we are 

It means to own up to your True Divine Purpose.  Maybe you’ve been super scared to share your gifts with others, or to talk about them at all with anyone.

You’re afraid people will look at you funny and think you’re crazy.

I completely understand.  It takes a ton of courage to step out (in the real world, or online) and share what you have within you to others that may or may not accept that part of you, or receive the information that you’re sharing as a good thing.

But 2018, really is your year to figure out what innate gifts you do possess and how you’re using them to your highest potential to help and serve others. 

Practice, and experiment with them. Let go of trying to “be right”, let go of the doubts in the back of your mind that are saying “this can’t be real – I’m making this up.” Let go of all of that, and just let whatever comes up and through you to be there. Take notice of it. Write it down. Ask for more guidance or answers as to how to move forward with what does come up for you.

You are always being Divinely supported, but because we all have free will, we must ask for assistance or help to receive it. The other side will not intervene and help you unless you ask for their help. Remember that.   


The overall message for this year is this:

Don’t be scared or afraid; this year is an opportunity for growth and change.

Embrace it.

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