Sample Energy Readings & Healings 

Sample #1

I set the intention for this healing to release as much past emotion and trauma from the relationship with your Mom as possible (I can't release this wound all at once - your energy won't let me, because you haven't yet learned all that you need to learn from this healing process with/from your Mom) and also to receive any messages you may need for your business. 

Here are the notes that came through for you:

At the beginning of the healing session, I was almost overwhelmed by the number of images that I was receiving for you, and the amount of messages. 

You see a lot more images than you realize, or maybe this is becoming more and more apparent for you now, because when I do healings for clients, I usually receive messages for them through their own dominant clair. 

So you are way more clairvoyant than you know ;) 

The first thing that came to me was the image of Da Vinci's Vitruvian Man. Are you familiar with this image? If not, google it. 

The purpose of the illustration of the Vitruvian Man is to bring together ideas about art, architecture, human anatomy and symmetry in one distinct and commanding image. 

But I had no idea what this meant for you specifically - so I asked. And the answer that I got received was that you need to connect your mind/intellectual self with your spirit/spiritual self. I was shown that for you right now there is a disconnect between these two aspects of yourself and by bringing them together you will realize how you're meant to serve in an even greater and larger purpose and impact on others and the world. 

I saw your heart chakra and your root chakra highlighted - and how they are linked together. 

It's like there are distinct lines attaching your heart to your root. I drew a picture to show you what this looks like - so it's easier for you to understand. 

Coming off of your heart chakra, I saw your Mom and the relationship with your Mom. The wound here is very deep - it looks like a chasm - that happens when two parts of the earth break apart from each other like from an earthquake. I saw 5 layers of this wound/chasm, and right now we're on the very superficial 6th layer - we're just scratching the surface. 

I was told you need to ground your energy even more - and that exercise would help a lot with that. I don't know if you exercise regularly right now? Or if maybe you did before and haven't been recently - but at least 3 times a week would really help you connect yourself to your physical body and bring your energy down into and through your root chakra more.  

I saw an image of a Bat for you - here is the spiritual symbolism for a Bat:

"Let go of those habits and attachments that no longer serve you, and welcome the changes that are long overdue. The ordeal that you're facing is a necessary part of your transformation and an initiation into a much more spiritually directed life. It's time to confront and conquer your fears, trusting that doing so will bring dramatic and beneficial changes. Mingle and socialize more with others, perhaps by joining ongoing classes or group activities that you think you'd enjoy."

I saw 6 spirits helping me with your healing session today, I know 4 that are my own - I'm not sure of the other two.

I also saw a Jokester or a trickster at the bottom of your feet helping with this session. He wears a mask. He's not really a demon, but he represents the shadow part of yourself that is still coming up for you in your fears.

Also, I felt the energy of someone behind my right shoulder. Usually, this is where I see relatives that have passed, but I felt that this person is still very much alive and that his energy is very connected to you. He looked like a young guy, with rumpled/messy brown hair, and blue eyes. Do you know who this is? 

Next, I saw an image of a rainbow and a pot of gold - with the message that you're lucky and have always been lucky in life - so trust that you will continue to be lucky.

At your throat chakra - I saw you kicking against yourself. Like a tiny version of you sitting down in your throat and literally kicking against the inside of your throat. 

At your heart, you have a lot of residual anger from your Mom.

I also saw a Hawk, Bald Eagle, and Owl for you, here are their spiritual symbolism:

Hawk - "You're caught up in too many details, so step back so you can get a greater perspective on the situation. Stay alert and focused on the task before you, eliminating as many distractions as possible. Spend some time observing and studying the situation, and when it's time for action, make it quick and decisive."

Bald Eagle - "You have an increasing ability to walk between the material world and that of spirit. Dive into your inner depths, paying close attention to any visions or inspirations that arise."

Owl - "Meditate in silence and in darkness for a few minutes each evening for the next few days and see what is revealed to you. Be alert to any deception on the part of others, whether they're aware of it or not, and look closely behind any guises that they may wear. This is a particularly ripe period to tap into the fount of intuitive wisdom that's available to you."

Your Solar Plexus is very open, and very bright. You are very confident regardless of the anger you have in your heart. Since you have funnels coming out of your Solar Plexus at the front and back of your body - the front being the "receiving end" - you receive a ton of energy into your solar plexus which makes you an amazing empath - but it wasn't balanced with the giving or willpower funnel of the Solar Plexus. So I shrunk down the front a bit to better balance your Solar Plexus and to make you feel a little less open to so much energy coming in - which can make you feel really off kilter sometimes. 

Something very personal came up at your Sacral chakra - and I got the message that you're experiencing a lack of sex drive lately. If you feel this resonates with you, exercising more, and really connecting with your physical body that way will bring down all the energy that you have going on in your 5th, 6th and 7th chakras and into your sacral and root chakras - helping you to feel more into the physical parts of your life and less emphasized on all the thoughts and ideas that you've been having recently.

At your Root chakra, I felt that you are very outspoken (even if that's in your own thoughts - in regards to your Heart Chakra and your Mom) and this disrupts the natural flow of energy here to the outside world and your reality. Again, if you look at the picture I drew, it's like the energy from your heart bypasses your chakras and goes straight down to your root chakra. 

But at the same time, when you're in alignment with yourself/your energy you feel constricted for some reason. 

After I finished balancing and correcting your energy, I cleaned out any other debris, emotions, etc., that no longer serve you and sent them to be recycled back into Mother Earth as pure loving energy. And then I closed your session and disconnected your energy, with the intention that you're only in your own energy for the rest of the day :)

Sample #2

A lot of stuff came up for you from this healing session. Here are your notes from this healing session:

At the beginning of your healing session, literally right after I tuned into your energy, I felt this lump in my throat and felt extremely nauseous. I could see the lump in your throat, and saw it as a cough. I then followed that down into your body, I felt fever in your body and saw all the way into your stomach, where it looked really upset. To me, it looked like your stomach was filled with bright green bile. 

Then I saw an image of a duck flying and then a is their spiritual symbolism:

Mallard Duck - "Whatever project you're engaged in, this is a time for great productivity. Whatever new idea comes to you, develop and pursue its manifestation."

Wolf - "Characteristics and behaviors that no longer serve your spiritual purpose are being culled from your consciousness. Make cooperation a priority over competition. Valuable insights, ideals and new teachings are coming your way, so pay close attention. It's important to maintain your self-esteem and integrity and deeply trust in your inner knowing, even when you feel misunderstood or misaligned. You're being spiritually and psychically protected at all times, so there's really no need to fear."

I also received this message for you...and actually saw it on your website for your business. 

"Painting is my spiritual practice.

You receive Divine Guidance, inspiration, and images through painting. 

I see you doing and offering commissioned works for clients. I also see large-scale paintings like 5'x7'. I don't' know if you're aware or not, but you see images while you paint and they inspire your paintings. That is why you're so attracted to studying spirituality because you already have this inside of you and you haven't really found the right way to connect it to your work yet. 

I got the message that you need to go to the library and study painters - Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, and Rauschenberg. And also Gloria Steinem for inspiration.

I also saw a swan Here is the spiritual symbolism for a swan:  

Swan - "No matter what is happening in your life, do whatever it takes to keep your faith strong. It's important right now to accept your life circumstances and surrender to the will of Spirit, trusting that all will work out. You'll soon find clarity and purpose in the confusion that you're experiencing. Focus on the fact that life is a precious and sacred gift, and express your gratitude and appreciation in as many ways as possible. Whatever changes you're going through, go with the flow."

I don't know if you remember me saying a while back in a healing session that I saw pain in your mid-neck area. This image came back again today. I see your pinched nerve at C5 in your vertebrae.  This is what I saw before - I just didn't know when (past or present) it would take place. 

I saw your Solar Plexus really super strong today, and radiating a very bright yellow and gold light out from your body and all throughout your energy and aura around you. This color is the color of awakening, inspiration, and intelligence :) 

The really exciting part of this healing session, for me at least, was seeing your website and what it looks like and how you're painting and what kind of clients are attracted to your work. Your website is simple and showcases your work, and it also tells the story of why you paint and who you are. 

I would love to talk more about this on our call Wednesday, and get a plan set up for you to start painting. I don't know if you have any past works that you'd be willing to sell, or even if you have pictures of past work, but if yes - we could start building your website right away :)

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