Before each healing session, I cleanse any instruments I’m going to use with sage or Palo Santo wood - this includes any/all crystals, surrogates, as well as the space itself.

Then I get myself ready by sitting quietly and calming my mind & body. I then cleanse & ground my energy, and go through each of my own chakras to make sure I am open and receiving/in a receptive state. I then ask that anything and everything that needs to come through for this session to come through, without me filtering or blocking any information.

From there I state the intention for the healing session:

Which is always* to release & cleanse any energy that is not the recipient’s.

To release & cleanse any energy that is not serving their highest good, highest purpose or highest self.

And to release any blocks, limiting beliefs & patterns which are holding them back from taking the next steps they need in their life.

*unless I’m doing a past healing session for the client - wherein I will state the date, year and/or age they were and ask to go back to that period to bring healing to any trauma or emotion that they are still holding onto.


I take detailed notes of what comes up in their energy, what messages I receive for them, and everything I “find” - so that as we do ongoing work together I can remember & see how their energy patterns evolve, and what spaces/chakras need more or repeated healing than others.

I traditionally work from a Reiki healing foundation - but change things as I’m guided to. This may mean opening certain areas, moving energy through the body in specific ways, “sewing” or fixing areas that I see are damaged in their energy fields, etc.


To close every healing session, I wipe their energy field clean and release any energy that was not theirs/any energy that was not serving their highest good & any limiting beliefs, blocks or patterns down into the core of Mother Earth to be recycled back into pure loving energy for the world to use at this time.

I then state that they are cleared of all of the above through all time, space, dimensions and realities.

I then move clean grounding energy back up through their body - beginning at the feet and all the way through up to their crown chakra.

I then set the intention to close & disconnect their healing session, leaving them in their own energy and protected/shielded as they go through the rest of their day and week until we do our next healing session together.

After each healing session is complete - I thank & give gratitude to be able to serve & help each client in the way that I do, and state how blessed I feel and am to be serving in the ways that I do.

Then I cleanse & ground my own energy again, to make sure I leave each session in my own energy and so that I don’t take every clients’ issues/emotions/trauma with me - because I feel everything they feel while I do each session - right down to how fast their heart beats (my own heart rate changes as I embody my client’s body) and any pain and illness they are experiencing.

I feel & am exceptionally blessed to be able to do the work that I do for others.

And a lot of time & energy goes into each session so that I am conscious of everyone’s energy involved, and protective for everyone’s the highest good.

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