It's Supposed To Be WAY EASIER...

It’s supposed to be way easier, if you let it.

There is some old, preconceived notion that anything in life that’s worth fighting for, anything that you really want – is worth sacrificing over – putting in the long, hard hours, hustling, working your ass off, etc.

And while that’s true to some degree, (ask any kind of entrepreneur about their work ethic) what you’re not realizing is, that it’s supposed to be WAY EASIER for you than you’re making it out to be.

Trust me on this one, after a decade of self-sacrifice in the fitness and bodybuilding world; I know a thing or two about hustling. And after starting my own online biz in 2016, I remember working 12 – sometimes even 15 hour days just trying to get everything done.

What a shit show that was...

Fast forward 2 years, and I finally learned better for myself. 
I finally stopped working my fingers to the bone.
I relaxed a hell of a lot.
And I definitely let go of the premeditated timelines of how and what my life “should” look like by or at a certain time in my life, or by a certain age.

What I did do...
Was surrender.

I surrendered in meditation and in prayer to be of the highest service to others and to/for myself. I let go of the control of how I thought things should be, or should look. I went inside myself for the answers, instead of always seeking external validation.

I disconnected...
To everything I thought I was supposed to “BE”.
And instead let God show me who I truly, really, AM.

Faults and all.
Power and all.
Strength and all.

That is not to say I did everything all on my own with God, (or Spirit, Universe, Source etc., - insert your own terminology here) I had many, helpful and amazing mentors along the way and still do.

But my point is – 
When I really looked at things and realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be...
I realized it was my own damn fault.
I was in my own way.
I was tripping myself up.
I was making everything way too damn hard for myself.

Don’t let this be you too.

Learn from my mistakes, my failures and even my opportunities.

Get out of your own way, and surrender to the work.

Connect with your Energy, your Power, and your True Strength

And may Grace & Peace be with you every step of the way along your own path.

Namaste ❤️❤️


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