How to Market to Clients as a Spiritual Entrepreneur

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Are you a Spiritual Entrepreneur - and having a problem attracting or getting clients?

Here’s why...

First off - if you feel like you have a problem getting clients as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, you’re definitely not alone and you're probably really tired and frustrated with...

✨Having to always explain in super detail what it is exactly you do - or you always feel like people don’t quite understand the concept of your work.

✨People not getting the “value” of your work or why it’s so important for their health, life, physical well being, mental, emotional, physical and spiritual selves, etc.

✨You do marketing posts on FB or IG and get literal crickets, and are so confused as to how others attract so many prospects and sales calls all the time.

✨People telling you they can’t afford you - even though your prices are super discounted in comparison to other “coaches” - who in reality don't or can't do the kind of crazy transformations that you do with your clients...HELLO Healers I'm talking to YOU! 

✨Having clients sign up - only to back out days later because “something came up”.

After a year of being in business as a Healer and Spiritual Mentor, and being able to make consistent $5K months in my business, here's what I've learned... 

Marketing is 3D concept.

And as a Spiritual Entrepreneur, you’re operating from your 5D Self.

So you’re stuck in a 3D vs 5D mentality right now. 

You're trying to figure out how to market your 5D Self & services in a 3D way, to 3D people most likely...and so far it isn't working out for you. 

See here’s the thing - being able to sell things has absolutely nothing to do with you being able to move massive energy - aka being your 5D self.

Selling things aka Marketing, is a 3D skill.

Marketing is attracting and talking to that 3D part of a person.

Think about this - when you see a post or a coach you’d like to work with, one that hits home to the primal part of you that makes you NEED to work with this person - it hits you on the 3D level...not the 5D level.

You see, $$$ is a 3D construct.

And $$$ doesn’t actually exist in 5D.

In 5D there isn't even a concept of “success” doesn’t exist, at least not financially, because you aren’t really required to “do” anything to “earn” things by being your 5D Self - does that make sense?

You don’t attract money in 5D, you attract money in 3D... because in 5D everything already exists for you, you already have everything you need.

Let’s go back and look at the Law of Attraction for a second.

The Law of Attraction is a 3D concept.

The Law of Attraction is for the “physical” or our “reality”.

It’s a construct of the third dimension.

Because we “manifest” in 3D to create things and attract things in our physical worlds. Our "realities".

Being your 5D Self and a Spiritual Entrepreneur is your calling and you know this. You know you're meant to be bringing Love & Light to the world and teaching others how to transform themselves in truly meaningful ways. 

But this 3D vs. 5D mentality you have going on is making you as a Spiritual Entrepreneur poor in terms of physical cash $$$ in your pocket.  

This is why and how I keep seeing “spiritual” people and entrepreneurs struggling to make a living - because marketing is a skill - a 3D skill for our physical worlds and 5D people or “spiritual” people/entrepreneurs don’t think along those lines - you think in terms of energy.

It’s not that you think you shouldn’t get paid for your work, or that because you do spiritual work you should give it away for free  - in your heart you know and believe you should be paid for your work, it’s that you don’t know how to market your business properly to attract the clients you want.

So what do your clients want and need and how can you market to them?

Because what I'm seeing right now, is that almost ALL spiritual entrepreneurs don’t know exactly what their clients actually want & need.

And that is why you have a problem.

The problem is you don't get your people, your clients, your prospects, and you don't know how to market to them. 

People, your would-be clients don’t “get it” when you talk to them and market to them. 

Sure they find your posts or writing inspiring or motivational - and I know right now you're getting tons of DM's or PM's from people who follow you saying just that, that your posts are super inspirational, or what you do is "cool" but then no one wants to get on the phone with you to talk about working with you, and no one is signing up and paying you the price you want to be charging. Am I right?...

Here's the thing...

You need to market to and talk to that 3D part of themselves - the part that lives in the physical world with their physical problems, their tangible problems.

You have to relate to them at a survival, or primal level - that root chakra level - the level where they’re afraid or concerned, where they’re having real struggles that are affecting their “survival mode” instincts.

These are the issues that will always occupy people’s minds because, even though you your Self - are operating at the 5D level - your problems, your struggles, and everyone else’s problems and struggles exist in the 3D world.

When you learn to market or speak to this part of your ideal client, then they will get you and understand why they need your services, and how you can help them achieve the goal/dream/desire they want to be accomplishing.

xo Tanya

PS - Interested in learning more about working with me? Schedule your Free Energy Assessment by Clicking Here. 


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