Your Energy is EVERYTHING.

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How you feel every single day is the single most important thing you could ever learn how to tune into. ⠀

How you feel, your mood your attitude, your confidence, your sexuality, your sexuality. ⠀

They all play such important roles in how you manifest your life and co-create your reality with the Universe. ⠀

Think about it - when you’re in a really great, awesome mood, full of energy and life, loving every single minute of your day, not rushed, relaxed and at peace, having much better do you feel? And how much better is your life? And when that many more synchronicities play out in your life? ⠀

How do the stars align for you when you feel this way vs. when you feel like absolute shit, over exhausted, or when you’re in a crappy mood? ⠀

Your physical and spiritual energy is a COMPLETE GAME CHANGER in how you experience your world. ⠀

You need to start paying attention to it, and you need to start acting in accordance with how you want to feel. ⠀

Forget envisioning what your “perfect day” looks like, how you map out your time and schedule your week...because I’ll tell you that you can’t know what that looks like, you have to know WHAT THAT FEELS LIKE. ⠀

It’s all about the feels. ⠀

Coming into alignment with your own personal superpower energy is ALL FREAKING ABOUT THIS. ⠀

And then, when you learn how to live and work with this energy it makes you an unstoppable force in creating the exact life that you want for yourself. ⠀

I’m talking MIND BLOWING, not the piddly little playing small dreams you think you have for yourself now. ⠀

What would absolutely blow your mind? ⠀

Because that’s where you’ll go when you create this feeling in your life. ⠀

Are you ready for this in your life? ⠀

xo Tanya

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