You Have an Immense and Amazing Power Within You.


Each of us has an immense and amazing power within us. ⠀

An energy that is boundless and ceaseless. A vibration that is pure limitless potential. ⠀

You only have to tap into it to harness its capacity; to harness its unstoppable and determined nature for your life. ⠀

When you live from this energy, boundaries cease to exist and you realize that the reality of your life is just an illusion.⠀

An illusion that you can change into whatever you wish it to be. ⠀

Your human body is merely but an actor upon a stage, and you get to pick the scenes, get to pick the co-stars and get to pick locations where everything transpires.⠀

Once you realize that YOU have the ability and the unlimited potential to have anything and everything you’ve ever wanted in this lifetime, and that YOU are the unprecedented power behind all that you manifest, you can live from this place within and of yourself full time.⠀

This is the place where miracles occur, spontaneous healing exists, and wealth and abundance are mandatory non-negotiables, not afterthoughts. ⠀

To achieve everything you’ve ever wanted with grace, ease and flow you absolutely need to work with this energy of yourself. ⠀

Now the question remains...⠀
Do you know how to access this part of yourself? ⠀

The unstoppable, amazing energy of yourself that blasts through boundaries, obstacles and knows absolutely no limits? ⠀

If you’re having the slightest doubt right now - it means you haven’t accessed this part of yourself, because this part of you knows no doubts, fears or anxieties. ⠀

This part of yourself knows your true and utter potential of all that is. ⠀

So I ask again, do you know how to work and live from this space within yourself? ⠀

If you’re not a resounding 1000% YES! right now, then you’re not there yet. ⠀

But would you like to be? ⠀

At the core of my work with my clients, beyond the healings, readings and coaching calls - this is what I teach each and everyone of my one of them - how to see this energy within themselves that they possess and how to harness it to its maximum potential. ⠀

xo Tanya

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