Don't Let This Eat Away At You...

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I found this today...⠀

And I knew I needed to share it. ⠀

Not because it’s some whimsical quote that I think embodies what we need to hear today...⠀

But because it’s what we need to hear always. ⠀

So many people (maybe even you right now) are so afraid of taking a chance on something, or someone, that you bury away that feeling to just effing go for it already. ⠀

You have a moment of courage where you could take the risk, and then, you let it pass you. ⠀

You don’t tell the person how you feel or what you mean. ⠀

You don’t make the investment. ⠀

You don’t get on that plane.⠀

You let that split second of courage pass you by.⠀

You let that opportunity go. ⠀

And then you sit in the moments thereafter, thinking “what if?” ⠀

And those could be month-long moments or years, that you regret not doing that thing. ⠀

No one else will know but you, and it will eat away at you. ⠀

If you only knew how short of a time we have on this earth...⠀

Do it anyway.⠀

Live anyway. ⠀
xo Tanya 😘

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