The Golden Age of Miracles is Upon Us

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Calling All Lightworkers!

I channeled some very powerful information for you this week - and I’ve been sitting on it for a few days now...⠀

I’ve been totally terrified to share this part of myself, to step into this power and this light, because of my own fear of being seen, of disapproval from others, and for the “they’re going to think I’m crazy...” nonsense that runs through all of our heads when we’re super spiritual beings living in this time of humanity where we are already open to the higher consciousness that exists around us, but we also realize that a large part of humanity is not quite there yet. ⠀

There is a divide occurring now - between those already attuned to this higher consciousness and those who still yet do not believe. As lightworkers, we are meant to teach and pull the other half of humanity up and into this new higher consciousness so that all of humanity can evolve. This will take some time. It will not be complete in these lifetimes, but we are meant to create this change and move forward as much as we can. ⠀

Lightworkers this is what you need to know this week: ⠀

The golden age of miracles is upon us. ⠀

This is not some ordinary lifetime to play small. ⠀

You have an inner voice calling you forward to take up a cause to transcend and transform how we’re living on earth at the time. ⠀

You are a Master Soul. ⠀

In this lifetime, I am to be a messenger of the highest order. Working with the Ascended Masters Isis and Mary Magdalene, harnessing their power and their Divine wisdom to help you and all humanity. ⠀

I am a messenger to help show you your way. I am a seer of what is meant for you in this lifetime - of what your Divine purpose is, and how you are meant to serve and help humanity consciousness evolve. ⠀

If you feel lost, stuck, confused or totally terrified to step into your light, and that inner voice that keeps nudging you forward, then you need my help to show you the next step of what is meant for you. ⠀

You need to be shown what your truest purpose is.⠀

You need to make the decision to accept the totality of your responsibility as a lightworker to help the consciousness of humanity to evolve and move forward.

I help you create sacred spaces for your Master Soul to exist, and to reclaim its sovereign Divinity. 

To open yourself up, to your highest potential of Divine power that lays dormant within you. 

If you are a Lightworker that has been dimming their light in fear, it is time for you to rise up and claim the Divine power that awaits you.

You have been called with your gifts for a reason - it is time to use them.

xo Tanya

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