Creating Energetic Boundaries for Your Human Body


My wisdom comes through in my writing. It’s how I channel information. I am not the one thinking the words, they simply flow through me so that I can give messages to those that need to receive them. ⠀

I asked this morning what everyone needs to hear this week. This is what came through: ⠀

There is huge anxiety to get everything done for the holidays. ⠀

But you’re operating at a pace that is unsustainable for your human body. If you continue to run yourself ragged you will end up in a heap of yourself, instead of actually enjoying the holiday season for what it’s meant for - spending time with and enjoying your family. ⠀

Take something off of your plate right now. Honour yourself and your own physical limits. ⠀

This is non-negotiable. Especially for those who interact with energies - empaths, highly spiritual people, mediums. ⠀

You run the risk of completely draining yourself of all of your physical energy and in turn damaging your nervous system. When you work with energy your physical body can only handle so much stimulation. ⠀

A common symptom or physical response to overstimulation is seeking out comfort foods, eating lots of sugar or fat, and drinking too much - those who work with energy usually try to “numb” or “stuff away” the extra energies that their body does not know how to use or process. ⠀

Be cautious about what and who you expose your energy to. Practice grounding and energy cleansing more so every single day during this season. ⠀

Drink lots of water to help your body detoxify at all levels. ⠀

Sleep more. And sleep often. Your body detoxifies itself naturally through sleep. ⠀

With the hectic pace of the holidays, it is easy to forget to take care of yourself or to put that on the back burner as you try to accomplish as many things as possible. But, this is the time where you need to remember to honor this part of yourself. This is where self-care counts the most.⠀

Let go of trying to be everything to everyone and trying to be perfect. Perfection does not exist, but honoring your body and spirituality will bring you into the new year with renewed energy and a sense of peace that is often forgotten at this time of year. ⠀

xo Tanya

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