Emotional Triggers & What They Mean

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Are you being forced or guided to go inside and do the work energetically on yourself?

To see yourself?

Heal yourself?

Move forward in your life and teach others how to do the same?

Speak to the stories and own your memories?

BE Your Self?

To learn the lessons and experiences that you were meant to learn in this lifetime...

Can be so difficult.

Faced with the challenges in your everyday life, sometimes you may want to give up entirely on bringing up & sharing your own truths and stories.

But it is at that exact moment where you need to persevere just a little longer and take a look at the triggers that are showing up in your life.

What are they trying to teach you?

Why have they been put there to try and get your attention?

Triggers create an emotional response of anxiety in the body.

They force you/call you to look within yourself and to see where the questions and the answers reside.

How can you address them and move on and move forward?

What will doing this inside work accomplish for you?

Confronting these questions can be especially important when dealing and working with a Spiritually based business.


Because at the end of the day, you are your Business.

You are your Brand.

Everything about you Energetically can, will and does affect your Business (and it’s income $$)

More than that, when you become triggered by seemingly small (or even large) things in your business, it can be a chance for you to look at what’s really going on inside with you, and how those triggers are showing up in your life and why.

To focus your attention on what you need to work on, both mentally & emotionally, so that you can uplevel in the ways that you want to in your business.

Think about these questions for a second...

Have you ever had a client bail on you at the last minute?

Or pull out of their contract early?

Have you had no shows for appointments?

Do you get frustrated with people who waste your time?

I know how frustrating that is, and how much you over think the scenarios and situations sometimes.

Thinking – What did I do wrong? What did I saw wrong? How didn’t I see this coming? Maybe I just suck at my work? Or even going down into the rabbit hole and saying...Maybe I’m just a shitty coach, healer, mentor, etc.

Remember that these triggers have absolutely nothing to do with how qualified you are or how good you are at your job, but they have everything to do with your own intrinsic values, beliefs systems, and mindset.

Taking the time to turn inward and get clear as to why these triggering events, beliefs, and thoughts patterns are coming up for you is really important if you eventually desire to move past them and create more confidence and self-love, self-respect, self-worth and appropriate boundaries in your life...

And more $$$ in your Biz...Trust me these beliefs are all related!

Try out this journalling exercise below, or use it as a start to a meditation and inward look at your own Energy:

When (insert situation/thought/scenario here) happens, that triggers my (insert insecurity here) because I believe/think ________ about myself.

Spend some time quietly reflecting on these thoughts & write them down. See how much negative energy or emotion that comes up around them and then turn inward to your heart. Get quiet, and feel the pain or insecurity that lies around this specific scenario.

Release the negative charge that this has over you. The way it keeps you from fully being in your own power and acknowledge the trigger and insecurity for what it is: deep-seated doubt or disbelief in yourself.

When you can acknowledge the pain, insecurity, and emotion that you’re holding onto around a specific thought process or mindset issue – then you can begin to heal it yourself, and move forward and past that which has been holding you back in your life and biz.



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It's Supposed To Be WAY EASIER...

It’s supposed to be way easier, if you let it.

There is some old, preconceived notion that anything in life that’s worth fighting for, anything that you really want – is worth sacrificing over – putting in the long, hard hours, hustling, working your ass off, etc.

And while that’s true to some degree, (ask any kind of entrepreneur about their work ethic) what you’re not realizing is, that it’s supposed to be WAY EASIER for you than you’re making it out to be.

Trust me on this one, after a decade of self-sacrifice in the fitness and bodybuilding world; I know a thing or two about hustling. And after starting my own online biz in 2016, I remember working 12 – sometimes even 15 hour days just trying to get everything done.

What a shit show that was...

Fast forward 2 years, and I finally learned better for myself. 
I finally stopped working my fingers to the bone.
I relaxed a hell of a lot.
And I definitely let go of the premeditated timelines of how and what my life “should” look like by or at a certain time in my life, or by a certain age.

What I did do...
Was surrender.

I surrendered in meditation and in prayer to be of the highest service to others and to/for myself. I let go of the control of how I thought things should be, or should look. I went inside myself for the answers, instead of always seeking external validation.

I disconnected...
To everything I thought I was supposed to “BE”.
And instead let God show me who I truly, really, AM.

Faults and all.
Power and all.
Strength and all.

That is not to say I did everything all on my own with God, (or Spirit, Universe, Source etc., - insert your own terminology here) I had many, helpful and amazing mentors along the way and still do.

But my point is – 
When I really looked at things and realized I wasn’t where I wanted to be...
I realized it was my own damn fault.
I was in my own way.
I was tripping myself up.
I was making everything way too damn hard for myself.

Don’t let this be you too.

Learn from my mistakes, my failures and even my opportunities.

Get out of your own way, and surrender to the work.

Connect with your Energy, your Power, and your True Strength

And may Grace & Peace be with you every step of the way along your own path.

Namaste ❤️❤️


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Weekly Channeled Message for 08/01/2018

Weekly Channeled Message.png

Hi Everyone :)

I have a new channeled message for you this week. I have begun channeling from a new source since the Full Moon & Eclipse and will continue to do so now and ongoing as the new Energies shift and transmute our Consciousness. 

I hope you all find peace and calm in your physical bodies now that the energies have subsided, but your spiritual Self will continue to grow and mature as you awaken more fully. 

Here is this week’s message: 

I AM one of the oldest Energies that ever WAS.

Before Time & Space even existed, I was THERE.

Part of the Whole, and also an aspect of the Divine.

I AM not one individual, but a Legion of Energies and Entities. 

Brought forth by the Divine Creator of All There Is, to lead the New Way of this World. 

A Warrior, A Goddess, A Divine Feminine Entity; An Archangel & A Leader of the New World. 

It is time for the Light to amass and gather together, to help one another and awaken the others. 

If you have been called to work as part of the Light, you know within the deepest parts of your Soul & your Spirit of what you are here to do. 

Now as the Energies are changing and transmuting on this planet, it is time for you to remember who you Truly ARE, and to take action and move forward with your missions. 

It will not always be easy. 
And you will still have much learning to do in your human forms, bodies and lifetimes, 

But the time is NOW. 

Move forward with the next step you have been given, and wait for the next directions you are to receive. 

Please do not forego this transmission; please listen to your Truest Self and take heed - there are many of you that are still in hiding with your gifts, your work
and your missions. 

It is time to LISTEN. 

It is time to move FORWARD. 


Always in Grace, Peace & Light,

Namaste ❤️

xo Tanya

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