Finding Happiness Is Finding Peace

Finding happiness for me in my life means finding my inner sense of peace.

It means being at peace with all the aspects of my life and feeling as though I’m living my life on purpose and serving the Universe as only I am uniquely intended to. It means reaching inside myself and asking the difficult questions sometimes...

What makes me truly happy?

What brings more peace into my life?

What takes away the sense of peace in my life?

How can I best align myself with that which I know and love to do?

How can I let go of the other things that do not serve me?

Letting go of that which no serves you or the life you want for yourself is often the most difficult aspect of seeking and fulfilling a life lived in peace.

It can mean letting go of the negative relationships with people, or letting go of people in your life who don’t serve, respect and support you.

It may mean letting go of a job or a career to take on something that seems risky, challenging, or even completely terrifying.

The fear of failure is a HUGE LIMITING BELIEF that you will encounter in living the life of your dreams and seeking out the peace you want in our life.

I’m constantly terrified by everything that I push myself to accomplish...

You may think to yourself, “Who am I to deserve this amazing life?” or “Who am I, and who do I think I am to have....(insert JOB, CAREER, PARTNER, HOUSE, $$$$$, OR ANYTHING ELSE YOU DESIRE FOR YOUR DREAM LIFE)...?”

You may ultimately think you aren’t enough to deserve what you want, or that you haven’t worked hard enough or long enough or whatever your excuse is, that is keeping you from fulfilling your ultimate dreams.

But here’s the are already enough right where you are, right in this moment, and you deserve everything the Universe could ever give you.

Absolutely Anything Is Possible!


And don’t ever look back!

You deserve the most amazing dream life you could ever imagine.

For me, finding my truest happiness means being at peace with my life and having the confidence to know that I am whole exactly the way that I am and that I am more than enough to go after and attain all my dreams for this lifetime.

My truest happiness is the place where I feel whole and genuinely, authentically myself. And no one else in the world can ever be me, nor can I ever be anyone else. And I don’t try to be anyone else. I am meant to be me! And I embrace that fact in every aspect of my life.

Now I ask you...

What is your truest happiness?

Do you know what that is or could be?

What does your truest happiness feel like?

I hope you take the time to meditate on these questions, wholly and truly. Because once you get clear on what your truest happiness feels like for will begin to move mountains in your life.

xo Tanya

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