What's So Amazing About Grace?

Have you ever started something, maybe even some HUGE undertaking, and when you were finished, you felt accomplished and amazed at yourself for finishing...

But felt like there was a piece missing?

Like you forgot to add something?

Or you missed a step?

That's how I've been feeling lately... It's weird.

I feel like I had this amazing vision for my business for the last 4 years and I did it!! Hooray for me, but then something was off. Like it was missing a piece of myself. Like I did all the steps I was supposed to do. I built the website, I did the Facebook page, etc., etc.,

But then...

It didn't feel like me. It didn't feel like what I wanted to say or how I wanted to feel.

And then I felt all lost about it. Like I was trying to wear something that didn't quite fit.

You know when you put on that shirt in the back of your closet, it looks GREAT on the hanger and it's pretty cute on you too...but after about 20 minutes of wearing it, you realize you why never wear it? It bunches in weird spots, or rides up all the time, or is just a little too snug around your hips or your stomach and then you feel like you have to suck in the entire day or if you don't suck in you feel like the shirt just makes you look bloated?

I know you know that feeling...

That's how I've been feeling.

Just off, and uncomfortable.

And then I realized that all that hard work I'd done, I'd forgotten the most basic thing I'd envisioned.

I forgot that part that made me truly feel authentic and genuine. It was sharing myself and my knowledge and all that I've learned (and am still learning). And being completely candid and transparent and just being myself with it all.

I was completely caught up in comparing myself to what other people were doing, or saying, or posting on social media.

And that is not me at all. I absolutely love to write, and I love to share my writing.

And I was thinking about what makes me ME, and what makes you YOU.

And I was thinking about Grace and Peace and what they mean to me at this stage and place in my life. And what I want them to mean, and what I envision them to mean.

When I think about what Grace means to me and all that it entails in the most spiritual sense, I think about it embodying a deep sense of Peace.

To be full of Grace, for me, means to be at Peace with oneself, regardless of how imperfect I am or have been. I can never be perfect, but I know I am loved by God/the Universe regardless.

Grace and Peace also embody for me a deep sense of self trust, self worth and respect, self honor, love, most importantly self care.

These characteristics only come to those who truly take care of themselves and who truly love themselves. It's a true sense of inner peace/stillness/calmness. The best way I can describe this sensation is a quieting of the mind and a true sense of knowing, believing and having faith in oneself completely and also the knowing that whatever spiritual Source that exists (I usually call "it" God, or the Universe), that it is 100% on my side and guiding me with intention.

People who exude Grace for me are people who are truly, genuinely, authentically and un-apologetically themselves. And even though everyone has their own struggles and imperfections, those with Grace feel an inner sense of wholeness and are able to be comfortable in their own skin.

My motivation from a place of Grace is one based on love, peace, and a sense of calmness.

To know and to feel that I am completely BLESSED.

In life, I make choices in order to love myself more and love the relationship I have with God/the Universe. And because of this, I attract and am abundant in love, peace and divine Grace.

When life is hard, I struggle just like everyone else, but I know that I am so thankful, grateful and blessed to be living the life I have and I know that God is with me. I know that I am leading the life I am meant to be living, and that I am exactly where I need to be, right at this moment.

When I am criticized, I find it difficult but I have learned that my identity is not based on what others think of me, or other’s expectations of me. Rather, it’s based on God’s plan for my life and my spiritual relationship with him and with myself. I know that ultimately I am a spiritual being in a physical body.

My self-perception is not based on a view of myself as my job or career, or any other material or physical possession, or achievement/accomplishment. And while I don't mean to say that these things are necessarily “bad” to have and acquire in life, they also don’t dictate or determine my self-worth or the worth of my happiness.

It has taken a long time and a lot of work, but I know how deeply I love myself as a confident, and strong woman and loving person who is at peace with herself. However broken I am, or sometimes feel, I know that doesn't diminish my sense of self worth, or sense of feeling whole.

Grace and Peace bring all of these elements of my life together for me. Because without them, there isn't a sense of being whole. And there isn't an overriding sense of a peaceful and fulfilled life.

A life with meaning, with purpose, with passion, with excitement and with pure joy.

I know that’s a lot to read and to take in, but it truly is what and why I wanted to become a coach in the first place. Grace is what prompts me to give back. To share whatever it is that I can, and to help others find a sense of confidence within themselves and also Peace and Grace for themselves.

Love Always, Tanya Page

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