I provide on-going year long support for (to)(you) highly motivated women (individuals) who are passionate about cultivating the depth, meaning and substance behind their spirituality. 


Empowering, teaching and guiding you through 2 x 1 hour call sessions per month, and balancing you energetically by providing 2 distance healing sessions for you monthly. 


While my coaching style is organic in nature - meaning we continue to work on and I support you with issues that are coming up in your life day to day and month by month, the overall outcome of this year long professional relationship is based on creating a life with a foundation of balance - spiritually, mentally, emotionally as well as physically. 


What I’ve learned through my over decade long career as a coach, as a healer and as a spiritually conscious individual, is that we all need support and accountability in our lives if we’re set on achieving the most rich, abundant and joyful life possible. 


This means, having someone in your corner to bounce ideas off of, to have an unbiased opinion on your thoughts, feelings and actions, and someone who helps you (strive?) to push your boundaries beyond what is comfortable for you. 


Those of us that achieve great and amazing things in our lives always have a mentor or a supporter along the ride with us. 


The most amazing athletes and professionals all have coaches - regardless of how long they’ve been in the game. 


They know that true greatness requires someone beyond themselves to help support, guide, and empower them to be the best they can be. 


It is with this knowledge that I empower my clients to achieve true greatness in their lives. Not just by striving to better themselves professionally, but to use the depth, substance and meaning we create together as the foundation for a truly whole and rich life energetically. 


If you are interested in working with me 1:1 in this kind of environment, please connect with me by filling out the contact form below. 


You will be sent an email to 


I will then be in touch with you to set up a consultation call, where we will discuss the opportunity of working together. 


*Please be advised, since this is a year-long commitment I only indulge clients who are ready to make this kind of investment in themselves - physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.  


This is for you if:


You have huge goals, dreams, and desires you want to accomplish this year. 


You’re a spiritually consciousness individual looking to be supported energetically.


You’re motivated, determined and driven to succeed in life. 


You’re ready and willing to show up and be present on each call and for each healing session. 



This is NOT for you if:


You’re looking for a quick fix. 


You are not ready to commit to a year-long process. 


You’re lazy. 


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